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Rathbun Insurance

All About Us

About Us


At Rathbun Insurance we're committed to simplifying the complex world of insurance, to understanding your needs, offering guidance, and tailoring coverage just for you. It’s peace of mind redefined.


Being there matters most. Our vision is to prioritize the significance of our presence and unwavering commitment to support, empower, and provide peace of mind to our staff, customers, and clients, as we firmly believe that 'Being there matters most' in all that we do.


Our Values

PLAY FOR EACH OTHER. We foster an environment where individuals feel supported, connected, and empowered to perform at their best. By prioritizing teamwork, inclusiveness, and empathy we will achieve greater success, build stronger relationships, and create a positive and motivating atmosphere for all.

QUESTION EVERYTHING. We embrace intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness. We use critical thinking to arrive at well-informed conclusions to navigate through the complexities of life with a deeper understanding and more meaningful approach to decisions and actions.

BE THE SOLUTION. We take a proactive, goal-oriented, and ambitious approach toward making a positive impact on the world around us. Advocacy, strategic thinking, and results-driven actions are at the core of this mindset, empowering individuals to be the agents of positive change.

GIVE IT AWAY TO KEEP IT. We support personal and professional development through sharing of thoughtful and sustainable skills, knowledge, and resources, contributing to a more informed and empowered team and community.

Where We Are

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Offices in Michigan

We are located in Lansing, Michigan.

Insurance Agents
Insurance Agents

Rathbun Insurance History

Rathbun Insurance was founded by two Rathbun brothers, Jack and Jim, in 1956. The agency began with no customers and one company contract, but steadily grew through referrals as a result of their exceptional customer service. John Keel joined the agency in 1965 and retired as President after 53 years in 2018. John was instrumental in the growth of Rathbun Insurance and we will always remember him as an innovative and brilliant salesman who assisted in laying the groundwork that the agency still operates on today.

Jack and Jim's brother, Gene, joined the agency to perform inside underwriting work in 1966. Subsequently, Jim left the firm to become CEO & President of The Insurance Company of the West. Jack retired in 1989 and Gene in 1996. Both Jack and Gene solidified the importance of the agent-customer relationship. We still oftentimes reminisce on stories from long-term clients of when Jack or Gene came and sat at their kitchen table. To truly get to know our clients not only as a policyholder, but as a human being. We continue to cherish providing that service to our current insureds.

In 1968, Rathbun Insurance moved the business to its present location at the corner of Pine and Saginaw in Lansing. In 1983, Gene's son, Paul, joined the agency as a personal and commercial lines producer. He became a partner in 1990 and was the President at the time of his passing in 2021. Paul was instrumental in preserving the second-generation legacy of Rathbun Insurance.

Larry Pingel joined the agency in 1996 as a personal lines producer and joined the ownership team in 2008. He retired in 2019. David Finkbeiner joined Rathbun Insurance in 2012 as a personal and commercial lines producer after a career in the food service industry owning a high-end dining restaurant. He joined the ownership and management team in 2018 and currently serves as Vice President.

The third generation of Rathbun Insurance officially began in 2014 when Gene’s grandson, Ben, joined the organization as a personal and commercial lines producer. Ben joined the ownership team in 2019 and assumed the role of President in 2021. 

"We like to think of ourselves not as salespeople selling insurance," says Ben, "but as advisers assisting others in buying insurance. Sure, we have competitive rates - but most people do not know a great deal about insurance and count on their agent to know them, educate them, and assist them in making smart purchasing decisions when it comes to consultative risk management."

Rathbun Insurance is well positioned for the future due to its reputation in the community, its tradition of being involved in civic events and activities and its representation of many insurance carriers with strong claims service and competitive products. They have served on agency advisory councils for many of the carriers they represent and have proudly earned Presidents Club, Outstanding Agent Designations and Exceptional Agent Designations with various carriers. Rathbun Insurance was also selected by the Insurance Journal as one of the top six companies to work for in the United States and by Principal Financial Group as one of the top ten agencies nationwide providing financial security to its staff.

All in all, the odds are with Rathbun Insurance to continue it’s tradition of excellence.

Rathbun Insurance Timeline