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Saved by Zade #65For65Years

The Rathbun Agency is excited to turn 65 this year! We were founded back in 1956 by two Rathbun brothers - Jack and Jim.The agency started with no customers and one company contract, but steadily grew through referrals as a result of exceptional customer service.

We value community. The Rathbun Agency has been successful because we have immersed ourself within the #LoveLansing community. All of our agents are involved within leadership in local nonprofits and we support organizations that make Lansing it's best. Through our Quotes for a Cause (opens in a new tab) initiative alone, we have been able to donate over $35,000 to sixty six local nonprofits since 2014!

And what better way to celebrate 65 years than by continuing to give back? In honor of turning 65, each of our employees will be selecting a local nonprofit and sharing why that organizations' mission hits close to home. The Rathbun Agency will be donating $65 to each employees organization as we hope to spread the word about all the amazing nonprofits in our backyard.

For Ashley McClure's organization, she selected Saved by Zade,  a kitty overpopulation liaison focusing on the Lansing and Jackson, MI areas. They are a nonprofit that operates solely by volunteers. Savd by Zade has many resources for pet owners to help spay and neuter to keep the overpopulation of kitties down.

They also have many resources for strays. They will go out and pick up the animals and with the power of donations they are able to help pay for medical, transportation, vaccinations, and rehoming. "Being an avid animal lover, I hate to see so many animals with out homes and that are stuck in shelters," Ashley claimed. This organization helps keep the numbers down with the help of spaying and neutering.