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Community Highlight - Womens Center of Greater Lansing

Since September 2015, The Rathbun Agency has selected a different non profit each month as part of Quotes for a Cause. We partner with local organizations that are giving back right in our own community. At the end of each month, we present that month’s organization with a check for $1,000.

In June, we are partnering with the Womens Center of Greater Lansing. The Women’s Center of Greater Lansing is committed to providing valuable, innovative resources and services in an atmosphere that fosters mutual support, insight, and growth for women of all intersectionalities as they strive to realize their unique potential.

They help women achieve financial stability and independence through personalized services, including resume and cover letter creation, interview preparation, budgeting sessions, application assistance, and counseling. The Center focuses on each client’s whole health, including their physical and mental well-being. They want women who enter their center to develop intellectual, social, economic, and emotional strength.

The Womens Center does these things because they believe it is our duty to support the lives and livelihoods of our community members, particularly those who are targeted by discrimination and systemic disadvantages. They do these things because advocating for and empowering oppressed peoples with intersectional identities is a necessity. The Center does these things because laws and public policies have historically abused power on the basis of racial stereotypes and biases. They are committed to empowering women by demanding a world of equity and human decency. The Center does all of these things because women, girls, and people of color are equal, powerful, and unstoppable.