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Protect Your Investment: The Consequences of Underinsurance in Home Coverage

In the labyrinth of home insurance, the value of understanding and securing appropriate coverage limits cannot be overstated. A gap between the actual cost to rebuild and the insured amount can lead to devastating consequences in the event of a loss. Recognizing this, homeowners are encouraged to actively engage with their account manager to review and adjust coverage regularly as their assets change.

The graphic not only delineates essential definitions such as market value, replacement value, and guaranteed value but also enumerates specific factors that influence the cost to rebuild. Square footage, high-end appliances, exterior construction, rooftop integrity, and unique features all play pivotal roles in determining the necessary coverage. Homeowners are advised to work closely with their Rathbun Insurance Account Manager to understand how these elements impact their specific policy.

To ensure robust protection, the graphic offers a checklist for homeowners to follow. Collaborating with an account manager to comprehensively review and update coverage is paramount. This entails understanding the distinctions between market value, replacement value, and guaranteed value, and tailoring coverage to accommodate the unique characteristics of the home. The graphic serves as a guidepost, urging homeowners to actively participate in the safeguarding of their most significant investment by ensuring their insurance coverage aligns with the evolving realities of construction costs and home values.

Download graphic: The_House_That_Underinsurance_Couldnt_Rebuild.pdf