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Navigating the Road of Adding an Inexperienced Driver to Your Policy: Rathbun Insurance Has You Covered

Adding an inexperienced or new driver to your insurance policy can be a daunting task for any guardian. The concerns about safety, potential accidents, and the impact on premiums can be overwhelming. However, Rathbun Insurance is here to ease your worries. As an independent insurance agency, we understand the unique challenges that come with insuring new drivers. One of the significant advantages of choosing Rathbun Insurance is our access to a diverse range of carriers, each offering tailored solutions to address your concerns.

 Among the carriers we work with, Citizens Insurance stands out for its commitment to promoting safe teen driving. They recognize the challenges associated with inexperienced drivers and have developed specialized programs to address these concerns.

  1.  Teen Smart Driver Program: Citizens Insurance offers a Teen Smart Driver Program, providing new drivers with the opportunity to enhance their skills through a comprehensive driver safety course. Completing this course not only promotes responsible driving habits but can also lead to discounted insurance prices. It's a win-win situation – increased safety for your teen and reduced premiums for you.
  2. Safe Teen Driving App: Keeping a close eye on your teen's driving habits is crucial for ensuring their safety on the road. Citizens Insurance offers a Safe Teen Driving App, allowing the insurance company to monitor driving behavior. This proactive approach can lead to premium relief for guardians paying the bulk, offering peace of mind and financial benefits.
  3.  Drive Smart - Added Deductible: With the Safe Teen Protect program, Citizens Insurance provides an added layer of protection by introducing deductibles for vehicles that aren't typically driven by your teen. This ensures that your primary vehicle remains safeguarded while your teen gains driving experience with additional vehicles.

Other carriers we work with, provide a Good Student Discount: By submitting your child's report card, you may qualify for a Good Student Discount. Encouraging educational excellence not only benefits your child but also translates into more savings on your insurance premiums.

Navigating the complexities of adding an inexperienced driver to your insurance policy becomes more manageable with Rathbun Insurance and the diverse options provided by carriers. Our independent status ensures that we can explore various avenues to secure the best coverage and discounts for you.

 Don't let the worries of adding a new driver overwhelm you. Call your Rathbun account manager today to discuss how the Teen Smart Driver Program, Safe Teen Protect, and Good Student Discount could positively impact your premiums. We are here to guide you through the process, providing peace of mind and cost-effective solutions for your family's insurance needs.