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Rathbun Insurance: Volunteering for a Night of Etiquette and Insight at Lansing Community College

Last night, Ben Rathbun, Chief Executive Officer of Rathbun Insurance volunteered at Lansing Community College's Gamma Lota Sigma's presentation of an Etiquette Dinner. The evening was filled with valuable insights, engaging discussions, and meaningful connections, all while embracing our core value of 'Give It Away to Keep It.'

Lansing Community College Gamma Iota Sigma Gamma Mu chapter is a professional insurance fraternity. Through world-class programs, innovative partnerships, critical industry support, expansive campus engagement, and an unrivaled lifelong professional network, Gamma Iota Sigma leads the sustainable growth and diversification of the insurance industry’s student talent pipeline across all areas. 

Shelley Davis Boyd from Integrare Collective took the stage to discuss the importance of etiquette in building connections. The evening covered various aspects of dining etiquette, emphasizing that dining isn't just about satisfying hunger but also about fostering relationships. The etiquette guidelines shared align perfectly with our value of giving back – by sharing knowledge and fostering connections, we strengthen our community.

Service tips were also shared, reinforcing the idea that proper etiquette extends beyond the dining table. These lessons in giving, whether it be passing food to the right or spooning soup away from you, reflect our commitment to sharing and helping others grow.

Bill Gatewood, Personal Lines Global Practice Leader at Burns and Wilcox, provided a thought-provoking presentation on the impact of natural disasters and climate change on personal lines insurance. With an increasing number of natural disasters, totaling over 400 billion-dollar events in the last calendar year, Gatewood emphasized the importance of mitigation.

The evening wasn't just about insurance presentations; attendees also had the opportunity to hear from Delta Dental and Accident Fund about their community initiatives. 

The best part was reconnecting with students from Wilson Talent Center and Lansing School District's Business and risk management students allowed us to share our industry insights and contribute to the development of future professionals.

Volunteering at Lansing Community College's Gamma Lota Sigma presentation of an Etiquette Dinner was not just a fulfilling experience for Rathbun Insurance; it was an embodiment of our core

value – 'Give It Away to Keep It.' The knowledge shared during etiquette discussions, insights into personal lines insurance, and the chance to engage with the community and students made the evening truly enriching. We look forward to more opportunities to contribute to the growth and development of our community through the power of giving.