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Celebrating a Month of Giving: May Volunteer Activities at Rathbun Insurance

At Rathbun Insurance, we believe in living out our "Give It Away to Keep It" value, and there's no better time to showcase this commitment than during May, our designated Volunteer Month. This year, our team has gone above and beyond, contributing to various causes and making a significant impact in our community. Here's a roundup of the incredible efforts our agency made this May.

Making a Difference with Pets and the Environment

Ashley kicked off our volunteer month by lending a hand at PetSmart West with Save by Zade. Her dedication to animal welfare is truly inspiring, and we're proud to support such a worthy cause.

Heather and Ashley also teamed up to participate in the South Lansing Business Association’s Team Up 2 Clean Up event. Their efforts in cleaning up our community have helped create a cleaner, more beautiful environment for everyone to enjoy.

Raising Funds and Awareness

Ben Rathbun showed his fearless spirit by descending from the Boji Tower in a thrilling event to raise money for the Women's Center for Greater Lansing. His participation in this event highlights our commitment to supporting local organizations that empower women and provide critical services.

Supporting Youth and Education

David dedicated over 10 hours this month to Strike Out Baseball, contributing to their ongoing efforts to build a baseball facility in Lansing. His commitment ensures that young players have a place to develop their skills and enjoy the sport in a miniature stadium setting.

David, Laura, and Darren also attended and sponsored the Cristo Rey Community Center Financial Literacy Economic Empowerment Forum. Their involvement in this event supports financial education, helping community members gain the knowledge they need for economic empowerment.

Kim Evans took a significant step by getting certified as a trainer in Adult First Aid/CPR/AED by the Red Cross through the Girl Scouts. She didn't stop there—Kim trained all Rathbun Insurance staff in these essential life-saving skills, ensuring our team is prepared to assist in emergencies.

Darren spent the first few hours of May at the Eastern High School Job Fair, offering guidance and support to students exploring career opportunities.

Supporting Families and Local Organizations

Ben and Denise have been dedicating their time as support group facilitators at Ele’s Place, a healing center for grieving children and teens. Their compassion and commitment provide crucial support to young individuals navigating their grief journeys.

Five of our dedicated staff members attended the Fostering Hope Breakfast organized by Child and Family Charities. Their presence at this event demonstrates our ongoing support for local

families and children in need.

Laura played a key role in the beautification of Lansing by volunteering as a member of the Saginaw Street Corridor Improvement Authority Board of Directors. She helped plant flowers along the corridor, contributing to Lansing's vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Celebrating Milestones and Community Engagement

Laura also volunteered at North Aurelius Elementary for her daughter’s 5th-grade field day, ensuring every child enjoyed their well-earned popsicle. Her involvement in school activities highlights our commitment to supporting educational institutions and creating memorable experiences for children.

Ben Rathbun was honored by the South Lansing Business Association with the Community Service Award. This recognition is a testament to his unwavering dedication to serving our community and making a positive impact.

Darren volunteered at PURE LANSING ELEVATE, providing a presentation on insurance basics to help aspiring entrepreneurs understand the importance of insurance in their ventures.

Community Celebration and Financial Support

Many of our staff attended the Cristo Rey Church Annual Fiesta, celebrating and supporting our local community. This event is a wonderful opportunity to engage with our neighbors and enjoy the rich cultural heritage that makes our community unique.

In addition, our "Financial Quotes for a Cause" initiative for May allowed us to contribute financially to various local organizations. This program enables us to support important causes with every insurance quote we provide, further extending our impact in the community.

Reflecting on a Month of Service

As we reflect on the activities of May Volunteer Month, we're incredibly proud of the contributions our team has made. At Rathbun Insurance, giving back is not just a value; it's a way of life. We believe that by supporting our community, we create a better, brighter future for everyone.

Thank you to all our team members for their dedication and to the community for allowing us to serve. We look forward to continuing our efforts to make a difference, one act of kindness at a time.