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Quotes for a Cause - Williamston Theatre

We are excited to run a monthly Quotes for a Cause campaign. Each month, our agency will be donating $5 per new business quote to a nonprofit or charitable organization, regardless of whether or not the policy is actually purchased.

In August, we partnered with the Williamston Theatre and were able to present them a check for $500! The Williamston Theatre is a professional Equity theatre whose mission is to offer audiences a diverse array of intimate storytelling experiences. This mission is guided by four core values: Excellence, Inclusion, Creating a Sense of Place, and Sustainability. This mission statement is supported by the following objectives: to be an integral part of the cultural fabric of Michigan; to pursue innovative collaboration in every aspect of our work; to establish a home for Midwest artists; to engage audiences of diverse ages, cultures and economic backgrounds.

They believe that theatre can enrich our lives and make a positive difference in our community, both culturally and economically. They believe that theatre should be accessible and affordable to everyone, whether they live in a large coastal city or a small Midwestern town. Their goal is to create moving, entertaining, professional theatre for, by and about this part of the world.