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Community Highlight: South Lansing Community Development Association

Striving to be a strong community partner, we partner with a different community organization each month through our Quotes for a Cause program. Our agency donates $5 per new business quote, regardless of whether or not the policy is actually purchased! We would like to expand their reach and give each month's organization some space to share their story!

The South Lansing Community Development Association (SLCDA) works to engage residents and stakeholders in the development of programs and initiatives that support community health, economic opportunity, and quality of life in South Lansing. To strengthen the fabric of the South Lansing community, they nurture relationships among residents and stakeholders, provide opportunities for sharing news and information, and support citizen-driven efforts to improve our community.      

SLCDA runs a monthly Farmer's Market each Thursday in the parking lot of the St. Casimir Parish from 3-7 p.m. The South Lansing Farmers Market supports a sustainable local food system by providing a vibrant community gathering space where consumers establish relationships with the small-scale local producers from whom they purchase fresh, affordable, locally-grown food and agricultural products. Check out the Farmer's Market this year until October 18th!

South Lansing also operates the South Lansing Urban Gardens, which provides resources and technical assistance for home and community gardeners. They manage food production in a 90 foot passive solar hoop house and 60 food greenhouse adjacent to the Southside Community Center.

For more information, visit the South Lansing website.