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January Quotes for a Cause - Lansing INtentional Communities

We are excited to run a monthly Quotes for a Cause campaign. Each month, our agency will be donating $5 per new business quote to a nonprofit or charitable organization, regardless of whether or not the policy is actually purchased. 

In January, we kicked off the year partnering with Lansing Intentional CommunitieS (LINCS). LINCS is a community integrated model of living that provides adults with disabilities the opportunity to live independently while creating community connections. LINCs is not solely an independent living initiative – the model assembles the strengths of families, community partners and local businesses to provide the opportunity to link in real-life, purposeful living situations, integrated experiences and supports. We were able to present them with a check for $500!

People who would like to live in a Lansing Intentional Community must have a documented disability, be willing to live with a roommate or pay increased costs to live alone, be over the age of 18 and not have a criminal history. Most importantly, prospective tenants must want to participate in a caring community of residents and have a desire to integrate into their respective community; including putting in deliberate effort, working through adversity and learning from their community.

Lansing Intentional Communities focuses on empowering the individual to live a self-determined life, making important decisions about where they choose to live and with whom. Each resident, along with their families, will also determine the level of support they need to live independently and determine who can best provide those supports, whether family, roommates, paid staff, or other natural supports in the community.

There are multiple residential options for participating residents in each community location. LINCS’s pilot community, on Lansing’s east side, includes a LINCS owned home with 2 apartments housing 3 residents. As fundraising allows, LINCS may purchase additional properties, but other options include existing rental apartments or houses in the neighborhood. Individuals and/or their families may even choose to purchase their own property.

To donate or learn more, visit their website.