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The Firecracker Foundation #65For65Years

The Rathbun Agency is excited to turn 65 this year! We were founded back in 1956 by two Rathbun brothers - Jack and Jim.The agency started with no customers and one company contract, but steadily grew through referrals as a result of exceptional customer service.

We value community. The Rathbun Agency has been successful because we have immersed ourself within the #LoveLansing community. All of our agents are involved within leadership in local nonprofits and we support organizations that make Lansing it's best. Through our Quotes for a Cause initiative alone, we have been able to donate over $35,000 to sixty six local nonprofits since 2014!

Ben Rathbun is kicking off our #65For65Years with The Firecracker Foundation. Firecracker works to heal and protect children from sexual violence. Why is their mission so important to Ben?

  • Firecracker supports survivors. They believe in the right to heal and equally participate in a community that values their experience without stigma or judgment.
  • Co-Executive Director Tashmica Torok and her team are advocacy rockstars. Not only does Firecracker fight for youth survivors and their families, they recognize that their job is made harder and childrens lives are threatenedby the over-policing and over-disciplining of black bodies. And it's part of their mission to end it.
  • Trauma sensitive yoga allows youth to connect with their bodies in a safe environment. The practice is consent-based where every posture is a suggestion and young survivors are encouraged to reclaim their voices and their bodies.
  • Firecracker's Sisters in Strength program assists teen between the ages of 15-17 and/or enrolled in 10th-12th grade to share their vision for ending gender-based violence, a desire to build sisterhood/siblinghood (community), and a willingness to advocate for change.

That is just the tip of the iceberg of what Firecracker is doing to support our community. Stick around for our next nonprofit highlight as we celebrate #65For65Years!