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March Quotes for a Cause - STEM for All

Since September 2015, The Rathbun Agency has selected a different nonprofit each month as part of Quotes for a Cause. We partner with local organizations that are giving back right in our own community. At the end of each month, we present that months organization with a check for $1,000.

In March, we partnered with STEM for All, a nonprofit with a vision to spread STEM education and make it accessible and affordable to people of all socio-economic backgrounds. The organization was founded by Uma Umankanth, owner of Symbiosis International, as a way to popularize science, technology, engineering and math through art, sports and cultural activities. Uma stresses the importance of having science centers and experiments that are built for students BY students. We were able to present Uma and STEM for All with a check for $1,000!

In hopes that science centers will be as popular as public libraries, STEM for All starts by teaching STEM concepts through simple, low-cost science center exhibits. They assist students in presenting these exhibits in schools, libraries, science museums, playgrounds and cultural events. STEM for All trains students to teach other students of their age group. The end goal is to create a science center that was created, one exhibit at a time, for students by students themselves.