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Meet Our Furry Friends: Celebrating National Pet Month with Rathbun Insurance Agency

Happy National Pet Month from the Rathbun Agency! We understand that pets are more than just animals -they are beloved members of our families who bring us joy and companionship every day. National Pet Month was established to celebrate and raise awareness of responsible pet ownership!  Check out our blog related to dog bites and your home owners insurance policy or call your agent to ensure you are have the right insurance coverage for pet ownership!

In honor of this blog and upcoming national pet day, check out Rathbun staff pets below:  


We hope you enjoyed meeting our staff pets and that they brought a smile to your face. We believe that celebrating National Pet Month is a great way to acknowledge the love and companionship that our pets bring into our lives every day. We encourage you to share pictures of your own pets with us on social media using the hashtag #RathbunInsurancePets. Let's spread the joy of pet ownership together!