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Community Highlight: Celebrating Cristo Rey Fiesta 2024

This month, we're thrilled to shine a spotlight on a vibrant and meaningful event in our community—the Cristo Rey Fiesta. This annual celebration not only brings joy and festivity to Lansing but also serves as a crucial fundraiser for Cristo Rey Church, supporting essential community-directed services and initiatives.

The Cristo Rey Fiesta, a cornerstone event in our community, is set to take place this year on Memorial Day Weekend—May 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2024—at the beautiful grounds of Cristo Rey Church. This beloved tradition is not just about revelry; it's a profound opportunity to contribute to the church's building fund, vital infrastructure projects, and important community services.

One of the Fiesta's most touching aspects is its dedication to honoring those who have served our country and community. On Sunday, May 26th, a special ceremony will pay tribute to our fallen heroes and express gratitude to our military personnel and public safety servants. This heartfelt gesture underscores the Fiesta's deep-rooted connection to our community values.

Beyond its charitable mission, the Cristo Rey Fiesta celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of Greater Lansing. As the largest Latino festival in Mid-Michigan, this three-day extravaganza showcases authentic Mexican cuisine, mesmerizing traditional music and dance performances, and a vibrant marketplace—MERCADO—offering crafts and costumes from diverse Latin American countries.

It's worth noting that the net proceeds from the Fiesta directly contribute to a range of community-directed services offered by Cristo Rey Church. These services are open to everyone, regardless of their religious affiliation, exemplifying the spirit of inclusivity and care that defines our community. To learn more about the impact of the Cristo Rey Fiesta and the community-directed services it supports, check out their website.

As a proud supporter of our community's cultural heritage and charitable endeavors, Rathbun Insurance invites you to mark your calendars for Fiesta 2024. Let's come together to celebrate, honor, and contribute to the vibrant fabric of Lansing's diverse community.