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Renters Insurance Refresher

Renters Insurance Refresher

  • Inventory your belongings:
    • Take pictures or videos of your belongings (like furniture, clothes, recreational toys, electronics and jewelry).
    • Copy receipts, and serial and model numbers.
    • Store your inventory on the cloud so you can access it after a disaster.
  • Ask your Rathbun Insurance account manager about replacement value (RV) and actual cash value (ACV):
    • ACV reimburses you for the depreciated value of your belongings (usually a fraction of the actual cost).
    • RV reimburses you using current pricing for your belongings.
    • Ensure your reimbursement type works for your budget, and consider how much you can afford to pay out of pocket if you lose everything in a fire.
  • Review your policy limits:
    • Medical payments help if your fur baby bites someone or a guest is injured in your apartment.
    • General liability helps if someone sues you for personal injury or defamation.
  • Don't forget about essential add-on coverages for things like:
    • Additional living expenses (If you have to relocate temporarily because of a fire, this policy would help with additional living expenses.)
    • Earthquakes (Any earth movement is excluded without this additional coverage.)
    • Flooding (Your basement storage locker might be at risk even if you're on a higher floor.)
    • Sewer backups (Sewage can back-flow into your home, regardless of where you're located.)
    • Electronics and jewelry (Most policies only cover up to $2,500.)

Call your Rathbun Insurance account manager for a policy refresh. They’re happy to help protect what matters most to you!