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Celebrating Community: Rathbun Insurance CEO Honored by South Lansing Business Association

In the vibrant heart of Lansing, a dedication to service resonates deeply, transcending mere business interests. Rathbun Insurance holds steadfast to the belief in giving back to the community that sustains us and living by the core value, "Give It Away To Keep It". Thus, the recent acknowledgment of our CEO, Ben Rathbun, by the South Lansing Business Association (SLBA) with their esteemed Community Service Award is not merely an individual recognition, but a commemoration of our shared commitment to effecting positive change.

At the core of the SLBA's principles lies the imperative of nurturing robust dialogue between governmental bodies and private enterprises, recognizing that collaborative endeavors are pivotal to

progress. This commitment to fostering communication ensures that community voices resonate clearly and that business needs are comprehensively addressed, fostering an environment ripe for meaningful transformation. Heather Cooper-Kim, a Rathbun Insurance Producer, is not only a driving force behind our agency but also an exemplary leader within the SLBA community. Currently serving as a board member and past president, Heather's tireless dedication echoes our core values, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to community betterment. Heather had the special opportunity to present Ben wil the Community Service Award on behalf of the SLBA. 

Ben Rathbun's reception of the Community Service Award serves as a testament to his unyielding dedication to our foundational principles. At Rathbun Insurance, we uphold the ethos of "Give it away to keep it," understanding that true prosperity is cultivated through enriching the lives of those within our community. Ben's leadership embodies this ethos.

As we commemorate this milestone, we are reminded that our mission is far from concluded. The honor bestowed upon Ben Rathbun serves as a catalyst for continued action, urging us to deepen our community roots and broaden our sphere of influence. In concert with the SLBA and our fellow community members, we shall persist in our pursuit of a more radiant, inclusive Lansing, where every voice is accorded due reverence, and each hand is extended in service.

Ultimately, it is not the accolades that define us, but rather, the indelible impact we impart upon the lives of others. Ben Rathbun's acknowledgment by the SLBA is not merely a moment of pride for Rathbun Insurance; it is a reaffirmation of our enduring commitment to the community we proudly serve.