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Fostering Future Leaders: Rathbun Insurances' Expanded Internship Exchange

At Rathbun Insurance, we believe in the power of internships and their role in shaping the future of the insurance industry. For the second year in a row, we had the privilege of hosting four interns from Accident Fund Insurance Company of America to shine a light on the many career opportunities in an independent insurance agency. This year, we also welcomed an intern from the Harry O. Culp Insurance Agency and an individual we recently met while hosting a booth at a community festival, who expressed a strong interest in the industry. In return, Rathbun Insurance intern Zeinab will spend a day with Accident Fund to gain insights into the insurance industry from the workers' compensation carrier side. This ongoing exchange has proven to be immensely beneficial, further highlighting the importance of intern programs for both companies and existing staff.

We believe that interns are more than just temporary additions to a workforce. They represent the future of our industry and provide a fresh perspective on our operations. By welcoming interns, we

have the opportunity to shape their understanding of the insurance industry, showcase its diverse opportunities, and inspire them to pursue a rewarding career in this field. Interns bring enthusiasm, innovative ideas, and a willingness to learn, which invigorates existing staff and encourages professional growth.

The entire Rathbun staff participated in making their visit engaging and informative. The Accident Fund interns, along with the intern from Harry O. Culp Insurance Agency and our community festival invitee, kicked off the day with Rathbun Insurance owner Ben Rathbun, learning about Rathbun Insurance's history and the Mission, Vision, and Values at the cornerstone of our operations. They participated in an interactive session on Business Operations 101, shedding light on the various functions that keep our business running smoothly. They learned about an account manager role and the day-to-day responsibilities. Prior to lunch, Additionally, the group participated in a fun and creative activity—making a candy salad TikTok. This was a great way to highlight how work can be both productive and enjoyable. Check it out here. Rathbun Insurance owner David Finkbeiner also introduced the interns to the world of insurance sales, emphasizing the importance of understanding insureds' needs, product knowledge, risk analysis, and recognizing insurance gaps and endorsements. The day concluded with a session on community engagement and professional development, sharing insights into how Rathbun Insurance actively participates in community initiatives and encourages employees to grow professionally.

We are honored to have hosted the Accident Fund interns again this year, as well as the intern from Harry O. Culp Insurance Agency and our community festival invitee. It was a valuable experience for Rathbun Insurance and our team. By providing them with an immersive day filled with learning opportunities, job shadowing, and interactions with our staff, we hoped to inspire these young individuals to pursue a rewarding career in the insurance industry. We believe that as industry professionals, we have a responsibility to guide and mentor the next generation, opening their eyes to the countless possibilities in our field.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the Accident Fund team, Harry O. Culp Insurance Agency, and our community festival invitee for their participation. Together, we can cultivate a bright future for the insurance industry and continue to support the growth and development of young professionals.